ATC Programs

Optimize ATC slot substitutions to minimize passenger and crew impact

Managing ATC Programs for 18% of US flights daily

ATC Slot Optimizer

  • Optimize slot substitutions for ATC ground delay programs, airspace flow programs, and CTOP programs
  • Generate an optimal slot substitution plan for hundreds of flights in seconds
  • Minimize passenger delay minutes and missed connections
  • Protect crew with legal and connection-friendly slot substitutions
  • Prioritize flights, markets, business travelers, and more, based on your business strategy
ATC Slots Solution1.png
  • Solve your mainline flights only, or all partners' flights in the program
  • Consider program flights and downline implications
  • Review and make final adjustments before submitting the SS packet to ETMS
  • Visualize, analyze, and compare solutions, including historical results
Generate Passenger and Crew Friendly Solutions
  • Minimize average and overall passenger delay minutes
  • Minimize the impact to passenger and crew connections
  • Protect crew with legal slot substitutions
Control the Solution with your Preferences
  • Define high priority markets and flights for the best slots
  • Protect VIP passengers, groups, curfews, and much more
  • Protect flights from slot changes
Quickly Solve and Review the Optimized Slot Substitutions
  • Create solutions for hundreds of program flights in seconds
  • Review and make changes as needed
  • Stand-alone or integrates into your existing system to submit the SS packet to ETMS.