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ATC Programs

Optimize ATC slot substitutions to minimize passenger and crew impact

Managing ATC Programs for 32% of US flights daily

ATC Slot Optimizer

Quickly create optimized slot substitution solutions driven by your airline’s business objectives
  • FAA / NAV Canada TMIs (GS, GDP, AFP, CTOP)
  • Airport departure-TMIs (reduced ADR and deicing rates)
View a TMI dashboard of upcoming, current, and purged programs
Optimize slot substitutions to minimize disruptions at the flow program station and downline
  • Passenger delay minutes and average delay
  • Crew time-outs
  • Passenger and crew misconnections
  • Missed maintenance
  • Curfew violation
Include solution preferences
  • Select high priority markets and flights
  • Maintain market order and aircraft routing order
  • Protect specified flights from subbing
  • Optionally, suggests cancellations
Analyze, edit, and submit substitutions to FAA
  • Review the solution in an interactive user interface
  • Review statistics for solution results, before and after, objectives, costs, delay buckets, etc.
  • Compare multiple solutions
  • Make slot changes via the click-and-drag interface
  • Submit the solution to FAA
What-if analysis
  • Model expected TMIs (what-if analysis of a proposed or expected program)
  • Scope the modeled program in various ways and compare (e.g., include/exclude airports/centers)
  • Post-mortem solution analysis for continuous improvement (e.g., rerun archived programs)
Modern technology
  • Intuitive and interactive web application
  • FAA-certified to communicate with FAA NextGen environments (SWIM feed and Request/Reply)
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