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Press Release, May 2024

Air Canada has selected SlickOR's advanced optimization technologies as part of the airline's operations modernization initiatives, aimed at using data-driven tools to enhance critical operations decision-making.

Press Release, February 2024

SlickOR is announcing the newest version of its ATC Slot Optimizer. This cloud-based, FAA SWIM-certified, complete optimization solution sets a new standard in managing ATC programs. 

Press Release, January 2023

Airline operations recovery technology leader SlickOR expands disruption optimization capabilities, setting in 2022 a sales record through new contracts and long-term renewals.


Product Brochures

SlickOR Suite of Network Disruption Solutions

Gate Planner and

Gate Recovery Optimizer

ATC Slot Optimizer


IROPS Case Study

Managing Flight Schedule Reductions From Covid-19

Flight Path to Stability and Profitability


AGIFORS 2022 SlickOR Update

AGIFORS 2021 SlickOR Update

AGIFORS 2020 Symposium SlickOR Update

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