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Passenger and Crew Misconnections

Detect and optimally solve misconnecting passengers and crew

Connections Optimizer

  • Detects and solves passengers and crew at risk of missing the connecting flights
  • Considers flight holds and gate changes for misconnecting passengers and crew
  • Optionally, rebooks passengers when those options are not optimal or when a flight is canceled
  • Optimizes based on both the impact at the hub and the downline impact on further flight delays in the routing, further passenger misconnections, crew rule violations, OTP, and more
  • Reduces tomorrow’s “tight connections” for passengers and crew by reassigning flights/gates, resulting in fewer misconnections on the day of operations, while following all gate assignment rules
  • Includes a fully configurable connection rules engine, which considers complex connection elements
  • Provides detailed solution metrics, driven by business rules and KPIs
  • Customized integration with your systems of record
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