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Cancels Optimizer

Flight schedule reduction optimization

Used by the second largest airline for COVID-19 schedule reduction

Schedule reduction optimization as a service

Using your data and flight schedule reduction settings, SlickOR experts will generate optimal flight cancellation and routing swap options
  • Generate a solution with least-impact to customers, revenue, crews, and other KPIs
  • Review the solution with our team and edit based on your experts' insights
  • Receive the final solution in your preferred format
  • Commit the solution to your system of record
Take a quick look
See how SlickOR's Cancels Optimizer can drawdown the flight schedule, with least-impact to aircraft, passengers, crew, costs, and other KPIs.
And how SlickOR's schedule reduction service will work.
Airlines Leverage Optimization Technology to Manage COVID-19 Flight Schedule Reductions

Airlines Leverage Optimization Technology to Manage COVID-19 Flight Schedule Reductions

COVID-19 has severely impacted airlines worldwide, bringing unprecedented changes to travel. Until the virus outbreak, airlines had seen continuous and rapid passenger growth since 2010, says The Points Guy. And as news about the pandemic evolved rapidly - sometimes hour by hour - travel decisions continued to change and passenger demand slipped backward quickly...

One airline was already prepared

to the best of its ability...

What is the process for the Service?
  • Kick-off with an overview, discuss your needs, and explain how we can help
  • You provide your airline's flight schedule, passenger loads, and other KPI drivers
  • You provide your reduction parameters (hubs, reduction rate, start/end, preferences)
  • SlickOR creates the flight schedule reduction solution using Cancels Optimizer
  • Web-share meeting to walk you through the solution and you can make changes
  • SlickOR sends you the final solution in your preferred format

"United took multiple hits from major storms in 2017, including Hurricane Harvey. Yet United had fewer cancellations in 2017 than it has ever had..."

Greg Hart, COO
— McCartney, Scott . "The Best and Worst U.S. Airlines of 2017." The Wall Street Journal. 10 Jan 2018.

“Before [Cancels Optimizer], United probably canceled more flights than it needed to... The new tool identifies the

best flights to cancel that will disrupt the operation the least...”

T. Lee, VP Network Operations

— Karp, Gary. "5 reasons United might finally be improving its on-time rate." Chicago Tribune. 12 Nov 2015. Web.

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