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Optimization as a Service

SlickOR's optimization products are now available as a service bureau

Using your disruption scenario settings, disruption recovery solution objectives, associated data, preferences, and KPIs; SlickOR experts will generate optimal solutions.
  • Configure your disruption scenario and your airline's KPIs to drive solution outcomes
  • Generate a solution with the least-impact to your KPIs (e.g. costs, customers, crew, etc.)
  • Review the solution with your team and edit based on your experts' insights
  • Receive the final solution in your preferred format
  • Commit the solution to your system of record
What is the process for the Service?
  • Kick-off with an overview, discuss your needs, and explain how we can help
  • You provide
    • The disruption scenario definition, solution parameters, and preferences
    • Your solution objectives (e.g. low cost, least impact to the schedule, crew, etc.)
    • The associated data (e.g. flight schedule, passenger loads, crew pairings, etc.)
  • SlickOR creates the optimal solution
  • Web-share meeting to walk you through the solution and you can make changes
  • SlickOR sends you the final solution in your preferred format
Contact us at the link above to get started.
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